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Field Day Information

“Akeringa” was founded in 1955 on “Bundemar” and “Wonga” blood lines. Thestud was originally run on the property at Raywood in Northern Victoria, then after 53 years we moved into Bendigo and bought a smaller block at Myers Flat where we now run the stud from. The main blood line now is “Charinga”.

An A.I.E.T. program has been carried out using “Chargina Reggie” and “Chargina Pearler”. This year we used “Roseville Park 14” in the E.T. programme.

Since returning to showing at the Australian Sheep Show we have won Restricted medium and strong wool champions, Champion fine wool fleece and Champion medium ewe at Hamilton.





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“Akeringa” - Flock No 2381

Principals - Ian Bennett and Leigh Bennett

Classer - Leigh Bennett - 0427 660 156  leighbennett255@gmail.com