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Field Day Information

The Terrick West stud was founded in 1932 based on Coonong and Wanganella and later Haddon Rig blood. At about the time of moving to Terrick West in 1948 a poll merino ram was purchased from poll Boonoke and the poll stud was registered in 1954. In 1980 the horn stud was dispersed. The top ewes went to the poll stud and the rest to the flocks.

Registered as Poll Stud 121, we are one of the oldest poll studs in Australia, and while we were not the first poll stud registered in Victoria, we believe we are the oldest poll stud still active.

The stud has always been classed within the family with Ross gradually taking over during the 1970's and has classed ever since.
The development of the modern poll merino has seen much change, moving away from the traditional wrinkly style to the much larger plain body, more fertile and much more commercial sheep.

Young rams regularly reach 100kg before 12 months old, wool cuts have gone up and microns reduced. Last year the total grown ewes averaged over 8kg of wool at 18.9 micron and reared over 100% of lambs.

Terrick West now boasts many show champions across Australia and also sells rams and semen nationwide.
One of our major achievements is, we have won the Australian Champion Hogget 3 times in the last 7 years and sold rams up to $31,000 with many in excess of $10,000.

The continued development of the merino with both wool production and mutton, and lambs becoming a very important part of the industry, it gives us great confidence for the future.

Our surplus ewes being bigger and plainer bodied are much sort after as the mothers of prime lambs and therefore are an extremely valuable asset to our operation. Likewise wether lambs are now a significant part of the prime lamb market.
These dual purpose assets make the poll merino the most versatile and valuable of any of the sheep breeds.

Upcoming Sales

Bendigo Ram Sale - Sunday 17th July 2022
Hamilton Sheepvention Ram Sale - Tuesday 2nd August 2022
Terrick West on Property Ram Sale - Friday 5th August 2022
Adelaide Ram Sale - Friday 9th Sept 2022





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