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Since its foundation in 1988, Hynam Poll Merinos have strived to produce a true dual purpose sheep with soft elite wool on a meaty frame suited to both the Prime Lamb and mutton market.


Winner 2 tooth Strong Wool All-Purpose Ram
Australian Sheep & Wool Show Bendigo 2015

Our recent success at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show with rams in the all-purpose classes prove that merinos growing quality wool can also present excellent carcass traits.

Based initially on large framed SA bloodlines, more recent infusions from Gunallo, Wallaloo Park, Kamora Park and Kamarooka Park Poll have maintained adult sheep at under 20 micron, cutting 7 -8 kg.

Our rams perform successfully throughout the Mallee, Western District, Central and Southern Victoria and Southern NSW.

At Hynam Poll Merinos we aim to provide affordable quality and service.


Principal Kevin Hynam

Address 161 Wathe reserve Rd Patchewollock 3491

Tel 03 5083 3262 Fax 03 5083 3565 m 0427 833 262

Email hynam@harboursat.com.au