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Kedleston Park

Field Day Information

Kedleston Park Stud was founded b John and Rosemary Humbert in 1996 after being state winners of the Victorian Flock of the Year and was registered as a stud in 2005.

Ewes were brought from Roseville Park as well as a very influential ram from Tara Park, both being of Purple Mandulay blood.

A poll stud was registered in 2006. With two poll sports rams and a selection of Kedleston Park ewes Kedleston Park are breeding quality all purpose merinos with quick maturing large framed fertile sheep.

Growing soft, deep crimping long stapled medium wools, two to seven year old ewes average wool cuts of 8.5 to 9 kg of 20 micron wool yielding 71% to 75%.

Last season 122% of lambs were weaned off the stud ewes.

Breeding Objectives: Emphasis is being placed on the growth rate with many top young rams reaching 90 kgs body weight by 12 months of age and ewe lambs having a sufficient body weight by 9_10 months of age to be joined.

Staple length: Growing 10ml a month enabling sheep to be shorn every six months if desired.

Rams will be offered for sale on Monday 21st July at The Australian Sheep and Wool Show Bendigo, and also at Hamiliton Sheepvention August 5th and privately on property from mid August onwards.

The Humbert family is celebrating 140 years in the Prairie and Calivil area since first taking up selection.

Champion Performance Fleece and Most Valuable at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show 2023

Genstock Hogget Team of the year Victorian State Merino Field Day 2021






Top Priced Ram $32,000 at our On Property Ram Sale 2022

Contact us.

Phone: J.D. & R.E. Humbert, (03) 5436 6225
Principals: J.D. & R.E. Humbert
Classer: John Humbert
Stud Adviser: Stuart Hodgson