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Field Day Information

East Loddon Merino Stud was formed in 1984 at Serpentine and has been using the SRS breeding system for 15 years under the guidance of Dr Jim Watts.

Our sheep breeding operation expanded into the Riverina region in the early 1990's at 'Lara' just north of Hay, prior to the purchase of Warwillah Station in 2002. The property covers 38,000 acres of open grass plains with some cotton and salt bush. 6,500 commercial ewes plus 800 stud ewes are run on Warwillah along with breeding cows and trade cattle.

Our breeding objective: A Profitable Merino enterprise

  • Heavy fleece cut which is made up of white, soft and bold crimping highly aligned fibres. A true free growing wool. (Av 19mic, 7.3kg over 6,500 commercial ewes)
  • Highly fertile animals to lift weaning percentages
  • High growth rate with excellent carcase attributes to maximise return on wethers and surplus ewes

Lowering cost of production:

  • Reducing the instance of flystrike with easy care plain body SRS type
  • Increasing the level of genetic fat and eye muscle depth on the animal makes them more robust and able to handle the harsh conditions which are a reality in the Australian environment Get back in lamb.
  • A wool which keeps dust out in the dry years and water out when it rains.






Contact us.

Principals: Bill, Diane & Marcus Hooke
“Warwillah”, Warwillah Road, Wanganella, NSW 2710
East Loddon, 208 Long's Rd, Serpentine, Vic. 3517
Phone: Bill Hooke: 0427 378 380; Marcus Hooke: 0437 172 754
Email: office@elmerinos.com.au www.eastloddonmerinos.com.au