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The Todd Family, owners of Ninuenook Fine Wool Poll Merinos, soon learnt the financial benefit of 18 1/2 Micron Poll Merinos as a self replacing Merino Flock with minimum body wrinkle.

Genetically correct structure is of first importance, then enough size for their type, clean open faces, straight legs and feet, narrow shoulders and large heavy hind quarters for high lambing and excellent lamb survival, plus premium prices for our soft white wool off non mulesed Merinos and shearing every eight months

Breeding Polls Rams started in 1953 and by adding outside genetics from selected Breeders throughout Australia we have enhanced our elite white wool.

With help of Breeding and Classing by Glendon Hancock and Dr. Jim Watts over the past fifteen years we now produce a more modern Poll Merino. The same or simular Breeding objectives are now in place throughout other Australian Merino Breeding properties.
Fine wool Poll Merino Rams and surplus ewes available annually.

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Address: 360 Ross Rd, Jeruk VIC 3527
Phone: Louise (03) 5882 6226, 0428 250 929
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